TSC - Mastering JavaScript II

Prerequisites Completion of Courses: HTML Fundamentals, HTML Intermediate & Mastering JavaScript I or equivalent experience
Duration This is a 3-day course
Starting Please call for dates

Course Topics

Using Frames
  • What are Frames?
  • The Frames Array
  • Opening Multiple Frames
  • Keeping Frames Intact

Using Cookies

  • What is a Cookie?
  • Ingredients of a Cookie
  • Creating Cookies in JavaScript
  • Cookies and Forms

Understanding Databases

  • Understanding JavaScript Databases
  • Querying a JavaScript Database
  • Querying a Non-JavaScript Database

Using Menus

  • Understanding DHTML
  • Using the Menu Component
  • Designing Menus
  • Creating Better Navigation Elements
Learning JavaScript 1.3
  • Using JavaScript and ECMA
  • Understanding Unicode
  • Using Conditional Statements
  • Using the JavaScript Console

Debugging JavaScript

  • Introduction to Debugging
  • Load-time and Runtime Errors
  • Logic Errors
  • Debugging in Netscape
  • Debugging in MS Explorer
  • Where to Get Help

JavaScript Programming Style

  • Using JS Files
  • Knowing Browser Differences
  • Developing a Scripting Style

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  • HTML Fundamentals

  • HTML Intermediate

  • HTML Advanced

  • Learning JavaScript I

  • Learning JavaScript II

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