TSC - Windows 2000 Pro: Module II

Prerequisites Completion of Courses: Windows 2000 Pro: Module I or equivalent experience
Duration 6-8 hours
Starting Please call for dates

Course Topics

Customizing the Taskbar and Desktop
     Moving, Resizing, and Hiding the Taskbar
     Adjusting your Computer's Volume
     Understanding Personalized Menus
     Adding and Removing Programs to the Start Menu
     Organizing the Start Menu
     Opening Recently Used Documents
     Using the Run Command to Start a Program
     Adding Shortcuts to the Desktop
     Starting a Program Automatically when Windows Starts
     Working with the Quick Launch Toolbar

Customizing Windows
     A Look at the Control Panel
     Changing the Date and Time
     Adding Wallpaper to the Desktop
     Changing Window's Screen Colors
     Adjusting the Screen Resolution
     Adjusting the Screen Color Depth
     Using a Screen Saver
     Changing System and Program Sounds
     Using a Desktop Theme
     Adjusting the Mouse
     Viewing and Working with Windows as a Web Page
     Customizing How Folders Look and Work
     Customizing Folder View Options

The Free Programs
     Sound Recorder
     Creating Pictures with Paint
     Play Games
     Play an Audio CD
     Character Map

Optimizing and Maintaining your Computer
     Formatting a Floppy Disk
     Copying a Floppy Disk
     Using Scandisk to Repair Disk Errors
     Defragmenting your Hard Disk
     Backing Up your Hard Disk
     Restoring a Backup
     Freeing Up Space on your Hard Disk
     Scheduling Tasks
     Installing New Software
     Removing Software
     Adding and Removing Windows Components
     Installing a Printer
     Changing Printer Settings and the Default Printer
     Shutting Down a Frozen Program
     Installing New Hardware
     Using the Windows Internet Update Feature
     Creating an Emergency Startup Disk
     Installing and Reinstalling Windows 2000
     Using the Device Manager

Exploring the Internet
     Introduction to the Internet
     Connecting to the Internet
     Displaying a Specific Web Page
     Browse the Web
     Search the Web
     Adding a Web Page to Favorites and Changing your Home Page
     Displaying a History of Visited Web Pages
     Saving Pictures and Files to Disk (Downloading)
     Introduction to E-mail
     Composing and Sending E-mail
     Adding a Name to the Address Book
     Receiving E-mail
     Replying to a Message
     Forwarding and Deleting a Message

Networking with Windows 2000
     Introduction to Networks
     Adding and Removing Network Components
     Create a New User
     Delete a User
     Adding File and Printer Sharing Services
     Sharing Your Files and Printer on the Network
     Change Permissions
     Browsing the Network and Mapping a Network Drive
     Connecting to a Network Printer
     Work with Files Offline

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